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Newsletter for Turmeric and Health Information September 2023

Hi everyone and welcome to my September newsletter.

It’s Springtime, I hope that it puts a spring in your step. Only the other day I saw a field with lots of baby Galloway calves and their mums in it – I wonder how old they are before they get that characteristic white belt? One for Mr Google I think, unless any of my wonderful customers can tell me. With the wattle in bloom and the days getting warmer it really does begin to feel that winter is losing its grip as we move towards Summer.

Things are also coming along chez Carroll. Scott and his fellow roofers have done their magic and I now have two flat roofs that are no longer flat and so wont leak, plus I scored some great metal pieces to transform into raised veggie beds. Also, from a local build I scored a whole load of bricks that I will use for the ends of the raised beds. On the inside Steve the painter is weaving his own magic as he gradually transforms the rooms from all blue to something warmer and more relaxing and the ceilings no longer look as though they were part of the haunted mansion with the paint hanging down. Definitely a testament to his skills and knowledge.

Spring time | AC Healthy Solutions

So, as it’s Spring and my birthday month, I will be giving away a small gift with each order that I do in September. I have recently obtained a new product – a lip balm from Merrilea, who is the maker of my Itchy, Scratchy, Bitey Balm, so I will be sending a free one with each order. As with all her products the lip balm is made from all natural products so you know that it will only do your lips good. One of the issues that is often raised with regards to turmeric is how effective is it for Gout, so this month I have done some research and investigated the ways that turmeric can potentially help gout sufferers. I knew that it did help because several of my customers who have gout have said how good it was, but I hadn’t realised just how it worked. Always good to improve your knowledge.


Approximately 4% of adults suffer from gout, a painful inflammatory condition caused by the secretion of uric acid crystals in the joints. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory with antioxidant properties, which makes it a great natural remedy for people who struggle with gout.

Below are some of the specific ways that turmeric can be used to treat and prevent gout attacks:

Gout attacks stem from an increase of uric acid in the blood. Turmeric can help lower blood urate levels and increase the excretion of uric acid when you urinate. (And don’t forget to increase your water intake throughout the day!) Turmeric does this by regulating the activity of the proteins associated with the transport of uric acid. It also inhibits specific biochemical pathways and, as a result, improves kidney function. Both of these actions allow for more uric acid excretion and reduce the risk of uric acid buildup.

Gout is an inflammatory disease, and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent. It works differently than other anti-inflammatories, though. Conventional, anti-inflammatories act on just one inflammatory enzyme. Turmeric, on the other hand, influences several inflammatory enzymes and inflammatory pathways. This makes it more effective than other treatment options. One study found that turmeric can modulate 30 different molecular targets, to help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

In addition to relieving inflammation and swelling, turmeric is also a powerful pain reliever. The great thing about using turmeric for pain relief in lieu of traditional painkillers is that your body doesn’t seem to build up a tolerance to it like it does to other remedies. Another great reason to use turmeric for pain relief instead of traditional painkillers is the fact that turmeric doesn’t come with many – if any – side effects. The same cannot be said for conventional pain treatments. In fact, many of them, especially NSAIDs like ibuprofen, have been linked to an increased risk of developing digestive issues like acid reflux, gastric ulcers, and gastritis (gut inflammation). Not only does turmeric not cause any of these issues, but it can actually protect against them. Its gastroprotective properties make it a safe product to consume on its own or alongside other painkillers as a protective measure.

As you can see, there are a several benefits that come from using turmeric for gout treatment and prevention. It’s no wonder turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes in the east for hundreds of years!

Turmeric Chia Pudding Recipe | AC Healthy Solutions



  • 1 large mango                                                                   

  • 1½ cups coconut water

  • 2 Medjool dates, pitted                                                      

  • 1 tsp Turmeric

  • ½tsp vanilla extract                                                           

  • 3 tablespoons chia seeds

  • Optional extras: mango pieces, nut butter, fresh/ frozen berries, hemp seeds, mint etc.


  1. Cut the mango into pieces and blend with the coconut water until smooth and creamy.

  2. Add the dates, Turmeric, and vanilla extract.

  3. Blend until the dates are mostly emulsified into your mango cream.

  4. Stir your chai seeds into the mango cream, cover and set aside for at least 15 minutes. I like my chai pudding runnier, so I only use 2 tablespoonfuls. It’s up to you, so adjust to your taste.

  5. The chai pudding is done when it’s thick and the chai seeds have plumped up and softened.

  6. This is a great pudding to put in the fridge overnight and have for breakfast.

  7. To serve, add extra mango pieces, other fruits, coconut slithers, hemp seeds or whatever you would like.


Market Events Sept 2023 | AC Healthy Solutions

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the boidies is? The boid is on the wing. Funny I thought the wing was on the boid! Not sure where the boidies will be, but below is a list of where I will be, with a couple of extra markets due to the start of the school holidays.

Saturday 2nd Sept – Kempsey Market – 8am – 1pm. Held down by the river. Start the month well and come along to see me.

Sunday 3rd Sept – Blackhead Bazaar - 8am – 1pm. Bounce into Spring with the return of the Blackhead Bazaar. I’m assuming that I will be along the top row as before, but I shouldn’t be too hard to find with my bright orange gazebo.

Saturday 9th Sept - Gloucester Farmers Market - 9am – 1pm. Held at Billabong Park. Lots of great local produce and wines so, something for everyone.

Sunday 10th Sept – Forster Town Market - 8 am – 1pm. Near the campsite on Head Street.

Saturday 16th Sept – Forster Farmers Market - 7am – 12pm Great little market held by The Visitors Centre.

Sunday 17th Sept – Laurieton Market - 8am – 1pm down by the river on Short and Tunis Streets.

Saturday 23rd Sept – Tuncurry Market – 8 am – 1pm See you over the bridge at the John Whiley Park.

Sunday 24th Sept – Pacific Palms Market - 8am – 1pm. At Elizabeth Beach, another great market for all the family and dog friendly, so come along for a fun day out.

Wednesday 27th Sept – Scotts Head Market – 3 – 8pm – To be held at the Recreation Park by the Caravan Park. Great stalls, food vans and music. Come along for a great evening.

Saturday 30th Sept - Gloucester Mega Market - 9am – 1pm. Held at Billabong Park. Yes, I’m back again for more great stalls, wines, crafts, and lots more. Something for everyone.

For those of you who can’t get to those markets all you need to do is ring me on 0406 036 845 or you can now go to my website – and order from there, and I will arrange for it to be posted or delivered to you. The cost is the same as at the market and postage/delivery is free on all orders over $100 with a flat rate of $8 below that.

Give your health a boost with the Turmeric Elixir. It is rich in Probiotics and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Alison Carroll, the Turmeric Lady | AC Healthy Solutions

Yours in Health and Happiness

Alison Carroll

aka The Turmeric Lady

AC Healthy Solutions

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