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Why turmeric products from AC Healthy Solutions are superior

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Imagine feeling a sense of wellbeing and glow from the inside out.

It really does make you step up to life with a whole different attitude. In my case I really did literally step up with a lot more zest. For years I battled chronic pain because of the arthritis in my knees. Anyone who is trying their best to navigate chronic pain can tell you, it sucks up all your energy and leaves you eaten up inside out. Between feeling despondent and desperate, it was a challenge to simply get through each day.

Turmeric for a new life

Turmeric was the miracle that gave me a new lease of life. I not only trust the power of turmeric, I felt it was important that many others who are experiencing health issues have access to this beautiful remedy.

Do you stop to think about what it is you're really putting into your body? In this rapid microwave-speed modern life, we often consume products somewhat mindlessly.

If you pause to consider what an amazing gift your body is, how your heart beats without you having to tell it to, how your lungs and all your other organs know their jobs and are all in autopilot while you are free to live your life, it would make sense to appreciate it even more and be selective about what you put into your body.

At AC Healthy Solutions, we choose products that can help people manage pain, maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy that inner glow that takes one from merely surviving to fully living.

I've done many years of research, blending ancient wisdom with modern science, scouring Australia lands and working with honest manufacturers to bring you the most delicious, superior products.

I can't wait to hear your experiences about having a richer, fuller life with the help of this beautiful golden powder.

Superior Ingredients

The body is a beautiful mechanism worthy of respect and the best quality care, so I choose only superior ingredients for all our turmeric products at AC Healthy Solutions.

Advanced Turmeric Powder Blend

AC Healthy Solutions Advanced Blend Turmeric

1) In our Advanced Turmeric Powder Blend, you can find the following powerful ingredients:

  • Turmeric - extremely powerful anti-inflammatory that reaches its full potential when mixed with pepper

  • MCT oil - Medium Chain Triglycerides comprising primarily captrylic and capric fatty acids

  • Black pepper - for weight loss, skin health, respiratory relief and helps to activate the turmeric

  • Cinnamon - beautiful flavours aside, it also helps with constipation and kidney disorders

  • Magnesium - an important mineral responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body

  • Green tea - full of antioxidants and helps increase physical performance

  • Ginger - good for alleviating nausea, muscle pain and soreness

  • Tapioca - improves digestion, cholesterol levels and diabetes

  • Papaya - contains papain to improve digestion

AC Healthy Solutions Turmeric Elixir

ZAP Turmeric Elixir

2) ZAP Turmeric Elixir is a fermented concentrate drink with black pepper, cinnamon and ginger that is rich in probiotics.

Just 10ml per day is enough to give you the clean power boost to keep you light on your feet.

It is power packed full of nutritional goodness, and all organic so you can eat well and eat clean. Your body will appreciate this, as it is receiving the best quality products all in one single bottle.

A healthy life is possible

Increasingly we hear about many more people suffering from chronic pain or dealing with debilitating diseases. Those who live in big cities have to contend with pollution, and the stresses of modern life leave people little time to really care for themselves. So perhaps making a change for a healthy life can feel disheartening.

All we need is one small step. One small change. Being aware of our situation, desiring a change for the better and being willing to give it a go is already a huge step up. AC Healthy Solutions brings you delicious nutrients for strong healthy bodies so that a healthy life is possible.

Why not let it start today with a bit of beautiful, golden turmeric?


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