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How Turmeric Helps Heal the Gut and Your Body

You may not realize just how important your gut health is to your overall health. If your gut is unhealthy, you are at greater risk for a number of serious health issues.

How Turmeric Helps Heal the Gut and Your Body | Turmeric | Article | AC Healthy Solutions
Improve gut health and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Diabetes, obesity, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome are conditions that people do not want to get. The solution to preventing these is easier than people realize. Take good care of your gut.

Improving gastrointestinal health can do more than benefit digestive processes. The absorption of nutrients is improved, which means the body gets everything it needs.

Additionally, the integrity of the gut barrier can be restored and strengthened with proper care. The durability of our intestinal walls is of such importance that improving gut health has quickly become one of the top goals for medicine this century.

Avoid the "Leaky Gut" - Modern lifestyle choices promote bad intestinal flora and leaky gut. Overgrowth of bad bacteria can cause a leaky gut, and once you have it, pathogenic bacteria are free to roam the body, causing inflammation.

It is the natural inflammatory response of the immune system that is behind these autoimmune diseases. Except that when you have a leaky gut, the inflammation can get out of control. Inflammation that is out of control attacks healthy cells and organs in an attempt to locate the toxins that have strayed. A healthy gut will not allow material to pass, and our bodies have nothing to go after. If there is no inflammation, there are no problems.

When you think of improving your gut health, typically probiotic supplements and fermented foods come to mind. However, adding Turmeric to your diet can also support a healthy gut and can prevent serious intestinal health problems.

The Intestines - Curcumin supports digestion by relaxing the smooth muscles on the walls and gently pushing food through the intestines. It also helps to prevent gas and bloating as food is being digested.

The Colon - A healthy colon is essential for efficient gut function, as well as the promotion and growth of friendly gut bacteria. Curcumin facilitates the balance between your gut flora and the immune response by encouraging the glands on the surface to regenerate and heal when pathogenic bacteria or leaky gut is present.

The Stomach - Turmeric helps the stomach lining in several ways. It inhibits the enzymes that compromise stomach health and boosts the secretion of stomach mucous. This mucus is the primary defence against damage from gastric acid.

The Liver - Turmeric helps to increase cholesterol elimination by boosting the production of bile. When you combine turmeric with fibre-rich foods, your liver is more efficient at cleansing cholesterol by trapping it and moving it directly to the colon for elimination.

The majority of these symptoms can be remedied by taking turmeric instead of an assortment of medications to treat each symptom. The golden root contains vitamins, minerals, and additional compounds that fight inflammation, resulting in a soothed digestive system. Why not try our pleasant tasting fermented turmeric Elixir, with this you not only have the turmeric you need but in a fermented form with lots of beneficial probiotic bacteria. It’s a win-win for you and your gut.

Taken from 1MD Nutrition


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