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Extra Virgin-Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. Full of nutritional goodness a great source of vitamin E, minerals and vitamin D (vital for calcium absorption) Omega 3, 6 and 9. Antioxidants, iron and zinc.


100% Australian grown Hemp seed oil, simply a wonderful food for the whole family (pets included).

It has a raw-earthy and nutty flavour perfect as a salad dressing, drizzle over cooked fish, meats, veggies, pasta dishes etc. Hemp seed oil can be added to your smoothies and protein drinks also incorporated in low heat baking, cakes, muffins and other foods where nut oils are used.


Hemp seed oil is also beneficial for external use:
Use as a massage oil, alleviates dry skin, helps to relieve eczema and reduces acne, it can also be used as a face mask and removal of makeup!


Our Extra Virgin-Cold Pressed Oil can be consumed directly from the teaspoon as *your daily ritual.


100% Australian grown Hemp seed oil is considered natures most balanced oil. A perfect fish oil replacement with a guarantee that these plant-based Omegas contain no “mercury and no fishy odours” *Excellent for Vegans


Try it today…

Hemp Seed Oil (250ml)


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