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Lyn Richardson - Turmeric Capsules Product Review

I highly recommend AC Healthy Solutions Turmeric Capsules. Last year I went to my Doctor as I thought I had Ross River fever due to sudden onset of stiff fingers and leg muscles. It wasn't, it was inflammation as I was also peri-menopausal. I got the capsules from Alison when at one of the markets where she told me so much information about my inflammation and how they could help. That was great as I didn't want to go onto medication. So couldn't hurt giving it a try. Within 1 month of taking them, I had movement for all my fingers and less pain in my leg muscles. Amazing! After another month I had free movement all around. So happy I could through natural ways. Food is medicine! Thank you, Alison! 🙏🙏 —Lyn Richardson

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Hi, I'm Alison Carroll.

Alison Carroll, Turmeric Lady, AC Healthy Solutions

I have been affectionately known as The Turmeric Lady because I've discovered the miracle of Turmeric and used it for years to manage my pain and boost my immune system and then supporting thousands of people on their healing journeys towards optimal health.

AC Healthy Solutions can help you achieve your individual optimum health and peak performance. Order my products online or find me at the markets.

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